Reverse TC/PC

Are you ready for the responsibility?

What's involved in implementing reverse TC/PC

• Securing construction financing upwards of $100K
• Complying with local building codes to add space to your existing office (firewalls, emergency power generator,
  enhance ventilation system)
• Compliance with federal government regulations including CLIA and CMS
• OSHA compliance, biohazardous waste disposal, hazmat chemical storage regulations
• Initial equipment costs can reach in excess of $200K - $250K
• On-going supply costs can reach in excess of $100K - $150K annually
• Maintaining a staff of costly, experienced histotechs and laboratory assistants
• Sole liability for specimen handling, preparation and storage
• If government regulations change, you have a lab sitting empty and a large capital loss

Recognize the Risks Up Front

Not all insurance carriers are willing to pay for in-office slide prep and some reimbursement rates are far less than processing costs.

As a result of the changing economy, employers are increasingly passing the cost of health benefits onto their employees. The results are that many patients are experiencing higher costs and deductibles. The increase in the amount your office has applied to the patient deductible increases the amount that may potentially go uncollected. Non-payment by your patient will actually result in a loss of revenue to your practice after your have paid for the cost of preparing the slides.

Many practices contemplate the idea of opening their own technical lab. The obstacles involved can be overwhelming; from retaining qualified laboratory employees to finding management experienced in overseeing compliance with local, state and federal regulations. And unfortunately, some practices make the decision to enter into this venture based on unrealistic profit projections and minimized risk assessment.

With TC/PC, ADX Pathology Solutions performs the technical component of processing your specimen, your office performs the professional component.

Our TC/PC Model helps improve the quality of patient care while bringing added revenue to your practice quickly and with minimal investment.*

*Aurora Diagnostics Pathology Solutions charges a consulting fee as required by Federal and State Law.