Thinking of Building a Lab?

Consider the TC/PC model from Aurora Diagnostics Pathology Solutions

Disadvantages of building your own lab!

• Securing construction financing of 100K or more
• Time and work required to manage construction project
• Complying with local building codes to add space to your existing office
• Compliance with a host of governmental regulations, including the Occupational Safety and Health
  Administration (OSHA)
• Initial and on-going equipment costs in excess of 150K
• Absorbing the cost of maintaining a staff of experienced pathologists and histotechs
• Coping with high overhead and operational costs
• Assuming sole liability for specimen handling, preparation, and storage
• Uncertainty with changing government regulations that can suspend laboratory operations and leave a
  lab sitting empty

How easy is TCPC?

Advantages of Adopting our Pathology Solutions TC/PC Model

• Minimal capital investment
• Support tools to assist in all paperwork and logistics for laboratory partnership
• Easy to start; easy to end
• No building permits – limited office space is required
• With some carriers, you can be paid close to the global rate without the added costs of building a lab
• Simple changes to your already existing CLIA
• Assistance from our TC/PC Experts*

Many practices contemplate the idea of opening their own lab. The obstacles involved in adopting such an approach can be daunting, for example, in hiring and retaining qualified laboratory employees and/or management personnel who are experienced in overseeing compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Unfortunately, some practices make the decision to enter into a laboratory construction venture based on unrealistic profit projections and minimized risk assessment.

The provisions of our TC/PC model specify completion of the technical component of processing your specimens by a modern Aurora Diagnostics laboratory. Your office would then, in turn, complete the professional component. Our TC/PC model improves the quality of patient care and generates added revenue for your practice quickly and with a minimal investment.

Our TC/PC Solution Advantages

Customer-Focused Services, Teamed with the Best Pathologists, Produce Results Beyond Compare.


ADX Pathology Solutions provides consultation services to providers to improve the quality of patient care and to analyze and establish pathology revenue streams in their practices.*


We can help you locate an experienced, subspecialty qualified, pathologist that you interview and select to best suit your requirements.


We can help link your employee pathologists to the insurance plans in which you participate. This service highlights the difference with Pathology Solutions versus our competition.

Experience with TC/PC

We have multiple active clients across the USA and have assisted client offices with unique solutions to fit specific practice needs.

Physician Consultants

Our plan, designed by Physicians for Physicians, enables you to confer on a doctor-doctor basis. Business people cannot address the clinical needs you may have, especially regarding difficult or challenging cases.

Physician Consultants

Subspecialty qualified pathologists are readily available for consultations on your difficult or challenging cases.

Software and Support

We provide software and innovative report delivery options that are customized to integrate with your PM and EMR systems.

Dedicated Support Team

Every client has a team of dedicated support specialists available to answer questions about billing, software and results.

Billing and Support

We can teach you what you need to know to receive payment for your professional component services.

*Aurora Diagnostics Pathology Solutions charges a consulting fee as required by Federal and State Laws.