Benefits of TC/PC

Specialty-focused pathology services that not only create revenue for your practice, but improve the standard of patient care.

Move your practice forward

National laboratories have been working for years to keep specialists in the dark about their ability to improve the standard of patient care and generate new revenue for their practices.

While other laboratories, such as independent, specialtyfocused, anatomical pathology laboratories, may offer limited TC/PC solutions due to capitation restrictions with insurance carriers, Pathology Solutions is able to work with all insurance carriers.

Pathology Solutions is the foremost advocate of the TC/PC model

We work hand-in-hand with specialty practices across the country to help them improve the standard of patient care by adding a subspecialty pathologist to their practices, thus converting them to multispecialty groups.

While Pathology Solutions will prepare and process your specimens, your own, in-house, pathologist will read and interpret them. Your office simply bills and gets paid for the pathologist’s services. This creates added revenue for your practice, without increasing your patient workload, and improves the standard of patient care.

Pathology Solutions’ advantages

• Improved Patient Care
• Nationally-recognized Laboratory
• National Network of Independent Pathologists
• Physician Consultants
• Leading-edge Technology
• CAP Certified
• Rapid Turnaround Time
• Stringent QA/QC Processes
• TC/PC and Global Services
• Custom Solutions to Suit Your Practice

Setting the industry standard

As a forward-thinking pathology laboratory, our goal is to introduce progressive ideas to the medical community. Pathology Solutions is the industry innovator of the TC/PC model. While other laboratories only react to market trends, Pathology Solutions creates opportunities by continually researching growth opportunities.

Don’t get caught by the false sales promises of other laboratories; while they claim to offer a TC/PC model, in reality, they work behind the scenes to oppose it.

Advantages of Adopting our TC/PC Model:

• Minimal capital investment
• Support tools to assist in all paperwork and logistics for laboratory partnership
• Easy to start; easy to end
• No building permits – limited office space is required
• With some carriers, you can be paid close to the global rate without the added costs of building a lab
• Simple changes to your already existing CLIA
• Assistance from our TC/PC Experts*

A program designed by physicians for physicians – customer-focused services, teamed with the best pathologists, produce results beyond compare.*

*Aurora Diagnostics Pathology Solutions charges a consulting fee as required by Federal and State Law.